Does Hip Hop Have a Positive Effect on Society?

On the 11th of August 1973, DJ Herc (real name Clive Campbel) hosted a party on his block, in in the recreation room at Sedgwick Avenue, for his sister Cindy’s birthday. For many people this event is sited as the birth of the genre, soon be known as, Hip Hop. In the years to come; Rappers Delight became the first … Continue reading Does Hip Hop Have a Positive Effect on Society?


Tyler the Creator – Igor (2019)

Tyler the Creator - Igor In 2017, Tyler the Creator released his 5th album Flower Boy. Critics would hail this project as Tyler's most mature and consistent album of his career thus far and the dramatic shift in character from Tyler's dark, almost psychotic personality on albums like Bastard and Goblin, to a much more … Continue reading Tyler the Creator – Igor (2019)

Kevin Abstract – Arizona Baby (2019)

Kevin Abstract - Arizona Baby Last year the Hip Hop collective Brockhampton released their 5th album Iridescence. Whilst the albums reception was mixed overall, I enjoyed the album immensely (See my list of the best albums of 2018 for my explanation). One of the reasons I liked it so much was because of how personal … Continue reading Kevin Abstract – Arizona Baby (2019)