5 Unknown Artists You Should Listen To

As much as I love listening to classic albums and the latest releases from my favourite artists, finding new unknown, up and coming artists has always been very entertaining to me. If I'm lucky I'll find a gem like Tash Sultana or Nilufer Yanya and the whole process will be worth it, the following five … Continue reading 5 Unknown Artists You Should Listen To


Kevin Abstract – Arizona Baby (2019)

Kevin Abstract - Arizona Baby Last year the Hip Hop collective Brockhampton released their 5th album Iridescence. Whilst the albums reception was mixed overall, I enjoyed the album immensely (See my list of the best albums of 2018 for my explanation). One of the reasons I liked it so much was because of how personal … Continue reading Kevin Abstract – Arizona Baby (2019)

OutKast – Southernplaylisticadillacmusik (1994)

Southernplaylisticcadillacmuzik OutKast is probably within my top 10 musical acts of all time and they thoroughly deserve it. A career spanning over 12 years, 6 albums and not a single weak or bad album. They produced two of the most respected and talented MCs in the entirety or Hip-Hop history, one of which who is … Continue reading OutKast – Southernplaylisticadillacmusik (1994)