OutKast – ATLiens (1996)

So as I said in my review of the album, OutKast's first album was good but was very much in line with the sound that was commonplace in Hip Hop at the time. The duo clearly had talent but -although the promise was there- they had not shown themselves to be particularly original compared to … Continue reading OutKast – ATLiens (1996)


OutKast – Southernplaylisticadillacmusik (1994)

OutKast is probably within my top 10 musical acts of all time and they thoroughly deserve it. A career spanning over 12 years, 6 albums and not a single weak or bad album. They produced two of the most respected and talented MCs in the entirety or Hip-Hop history, one of which who is repeatedly … Continue reading OutKast – Southernplaylisticadillacmusik (1994)