Gorillaz -The Now Now (2018)

The Now Now - 2018 Anyone who has being paying attention will have noticed that the hiatus between each Gorillaz album is often fairly big. Between each release, the fandom is left wondering what the band is gonna look, sound and act like. But in 2018 something strange happened...we got another album. Only one year … Continue reading Gorillaz -The Now Now (2018)


Gorillaz -Humanz (2017)

Humanz (2017) 2016 was a crazy year. The US Election, Brexit, countless beloved celebrities dropping like flies and in 2017 we were all still trying to get our heads round what had just happened. However one 2016’s most shocking events (the election of Donald Trump as the American President) spawned the basis of one of … Continue reading Gorillaz -Humanz (2017)